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The wishlist is a list for tracking the ideas and feature requests of the Map Builder community. Everybody is invited to add new bullet points for the upcoming versions. Versions that will or won't make it into an updated are marked by the developers of Map Builders. There are some rules for adding new ideas!


  1. Check if your idea was already added. If your idea is similar to another request, better add further info the the already existing bulletpoint.
  2. Don't remove another persons ideas/wishes.
  3. Don't alter the state of an idea. Only admins are allowed to do so.
  4. Don't readd ideas and request that were already declined by the developers.
  5. Add your username to every idea (for discussions and further questions). There can be multiple usernames behind a bullet point (if it was a collective idea or someone added further informations).
  6. Be realistic. Things like terrain deformation, oneclick island creation, etc are not in the scope of Map Builder and modding.

Wishlist Version 1.0[edit]

  • XYZ Gizmo like in Blender/3DEN (NeoArmageddon)

Wishlist Version 1.1 and above[edit]