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Map Builder is an ingame 3D editor for the game ArmA3 from Bohemia Interactive. Map Builders aim is to assist in the creation of object compositions for terrain creation (export to Terrain Builder), but it can be used for the creation of mission templates (SQM) and object compositions in the form of executable SQF-scripts. Map Builder is not a mission editor. It's sole purpose is the placement and manipulation of static objects. Map Builder is in Alpha state. That means it is not feature complete and definitly not bug free. But I try to polish every release, so Map Builder can be used in a productive environment.

What Map Builder can't do:
  • Create terrains without Terrain Builder.
  • Create complete and playready missions.
  • Place roads.
  • Generate a terrain with a single button.
What Map Builder actually can do:
  • Accelerate the creation of terrains.
  • Creates compositions of objects for missions.
  • Saves you from placing objects with Buldozer!
  • Allows you to create compositions/terrains with your friends in multiplayer.

The development of Map Builder began when Bad Benson and ZeroG asked me to create a 3D editor for ArmA3 to assist in the placement of objects back in the beginning of 2014. Because of my limited experience with ArmA3's UI design the development slowed down. But in november 2014 I finally pulled myself together, developed an UI framework and made Map Builder useable. From that time on I am continuous working on Map Builder and release updates on a regular base.

--NeoArmageddon (talk) 15:38, 10 September 2015 (BST)

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