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This guide referes to Map Builder version >=0.9. For how to install previous versions, please see the respective readme file.


If you haven't downloaded the latest version of Map Builder yet go to [Downloads] and load the latest version. Map Builder is packed with 7zip. A very common archive in the ArmA-community. You can download 7zip here.

Unzip the map builder folder with 7zip into downloads, open the Arma 3 launcher, go on to the mods section, press Local Mod on the top of the launcher, use the unzipped file from downloads, select folder and then load the mod with the launcher.

Allow Extension[edit]

How to unblock the Map Builder extensions.

Map Builder uses BIs Extension DLL interface to save and load files from the modfolder. Because you probably downloaded Map Builder form the internet, windows might block the extensions. To unblock them, go to \Arma 3-Dir\MapBuilder\@MapBuilder. There you will find three dll files called MB_FileIO.dll, MB_Helper.dll and MB_Viewer.dll. Right-click each file, select Properties and click "Unblock" if the button exists.

If the dlls are blocked, MapBuilder won't be able to load and save files, as ArmA3 doesn't support a real file input and output.


Map Builder behaves as a normal Arma AddOn/mod and there are multiple way to start a mod with Arma3:

  1. Select Map Builder from within the ingame menu.
  2. Use a launcher of your choice
  3. Use a parameter file and custom A3-shortcut (recommended)

Only the last option is shown here.

Starting Map Builder with Parameter File[edit]

Create a new file called "MapBuilder.param". Create a txt file and change the fileextension to "param", make sure you have fileextensions visible, so you won't end up with a file actually called "MapBuilder.param.txt". Add the following lines: -nosplash -mod=MapBuilder\@MapBuilder;OtherMods

Save the file.

Right-click on your Arma3.exe and click "Create shortcut". Right-click the newly created shortcut and edit properties. In the "target"-entry add behind current content: -par=MapBuilder.param

When you now double click this shortcut, ArmA3 should start together with Map Builder.

Next Step (Setup)