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The newest stable version is 0.9.1. The newest version (including RC and devlopment) is 0.9.1.


Stable releases were tested as Development and RC by a large number of users before release.

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0.9.1 Stable (32+64 bit) Mirror Changelog (27.08.17)

0.9 Beta Stable Mirror Changelog (28.09.15)
64bit DLLs for 0.9
Armaholic Mirror

0.8 Beta Stable Mirror

Release Candidates

Release candidates are polished development builds being prepared for stable release.

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0.9 RC
0.9 RC1 Changelog


Development versions are most up-to-date but may contain bugs (and nuts).

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0.9 Beta Development
Week39a (RC1) Changelog (26.09.15)
Week38b Changelog (20.09.15)
Week37b Changelog (12.09.15)

Editor Upgrades

Editor Upgrades adds new object to 2D Editor and Map Builder. Some upgrades contain their own addons, other just add compatibility with Map Builder to third party AddOns (like JBAD).

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MapBuilder AiA (A1 and A2 Objects) Requires AiA Terrain Pack
MapBuilder JBAD Requires JBAD

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