Changelog Dev38b

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Week 38a

  • Made brusher arrows and lines height consistent again
  • Fixed missing dialog var in some files.
  • Added brusher straight draw mode
  • Added MB_Plane object (unused for now)
  • Removed map debug msgs
  • Added confirmation dialog for project reset.
  • Object variables are now correctly released on project reset for deleted objects.
  • Reintroduced "exact position"-hack for project saving (Feedback needed)
  • Added missing key defines to fn_SelectFavorite
  • Finalized new 2d map (now moveable and with texture)
  • Replaced a missing textfont define
  • Removed UI_PATH define. Has somehow broke my reloading (Preprocessor bug?)
  • Removed unused UI bootstrap from fn_brusherAddTemplate
  • Added option for selecting p3d or classnames in TB export
  • Terrainbuilder import added by Lappihuan
  • Fixed map not clickable (ctrlEnable needed)

Week 38a + Hotfix

  • Fixed: TB export used removed functions. Export to TB should now work as expected.
  • Typo in export window tooltips.