Changelog 0.9.1

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This is a maintenance update.

  • Added new custom loadingscreen
  • Limited camera speed to slower values and changed "Left Alt" to being an instant speed boost
  • Now correctly returned editor focus, when exiting map control
  • Updated basic A3 UI defines and restored A3_UI_F inheritance for all controls to harden MB for future A3 updates
  • Fixed unreadable text by changing font (BIIIISSSSS!!!)
  • Changed key and controls to better reflect EDEN controls as they have become standard.
  • Selection rectangle is now handled by MMB.
  • Selection is now Left -> Select and Right -> Deselect to prevent conflicts with new Eden-like controls
  • Added new Linemarker define to map control
  • Added support for custom "window close" action
  • Fencer is now correctly disabled, when closed by pressing X
  • Added Help-window (replaces settings button for now)
  • Added Snake Man to "Thank you"
  • Added VR Arena as example project
  • Changed version number to 0.9.1